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Our Expertise


Product content creation, especially for food, has to come from passion and understanding of art, depth, pattern, textures, and colours. Here at The 7th Creation, we create aesthetic food and beverage setups with all the creative techniques needed to shape a unique scene for your brand. 
Advertisement is one of our best and favorite assets. The recipe is a mix of brilliant ideas, innovation, techniques, and professional execution. Our team of creatives come together to produce a highly effective commercial campaign, telling the story of your brand. Our goal is to create an exceptional experience while creating brand awareness. on. Our team of creat
music videos.
A music video will translate music into image to communicate the artist’s message. We produce highly creative music videos that’ll support the artist’s image, brand and vision. It will entertain and create connections with your audience, engagement from your fans and followers, and will open doors to new opportunities. 
Corporate videography is a powerful marketing asset to establish your expertise and service among your audience.  We will make your business stand out with cinematic and high quality visuals which will elevate your message, educate your audience and build trust with your clientele. 


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producer. artistic director.
Carla is an ambitious creative director that will bring every visual project to life with her artistic flair.  Her passion for the industry led her to grow as an entrepreneur and start her own production along side of her colleague, Edward. As a producer, Carla builds trust with her clientèle by creating high end media content that’ll help businesses grow their brand on several platforms
Edward is a filmmaker who lived in the city of Toronto to study acting and directing. He is also a mentalist which allowed his creativity to outbreak into what it is today. Since college, his work is noticed and has earned him awards.  His directing and cinematography skills is what makes his production company, The 7th Creation, stand out of most. Edward’s goal is to produce the most creative projects in the industry.
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Our Team
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